Floris Package


Floris Glass & 4 Bottles


This package contains:
– 1x Huyghe Floris Glass
– 1x Floris Framboise (3.6% ABV)
– 1x Floris Apple (3.6% ABV)
– 1x Floris Kriek (3.6% ABS)
– 1x Floris Passion (3.6% ABV)

Framboise – sweet raspberry mouthfeel with the expected long-lasting raspberry effect in the aftertaste. This is a very enjoyable raspberry beer with an excellent sweet-sour balance.

Apple – delicate, sour and light sweet fruity beer, with a soft note of cider and a sourish, green fruity sweet aftertaste.

Kriek – soft and sweet fruity beer with a touch of nuts (cherry stones) and a sourish aftertaste, coming from the sour cherries. Excellent balance between the wheat beer and the wild sour cherries.

Passion – thanks to the sourness of the Maracuja, this beer is an excellent thirst-quencher during summer, and because of the freshness, this low-alcohol beer can be served as an aperitif.


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