“For the Love of Beer”

At The Beer Emporium our intention is simply to provide beer lovers the opportunity to explore, taste and enjoy the world’s greatest craft and artisan beers from Bristol to Belgium and beyond, in a relaxed, friendly and welcoming atmosphere.  A place with no distractions where you can chill out or catch up with friends and enjoy some truly great beers.


We started building “The Emp”, as our regulars fondly refer to us, on May 1st 2013 and in the following 80 crazy days the place morphed from a barren, silent and untouched basement to a bustling building site teaming with tradesmen working round the clock to make our dream a reality.  Many great and lasting friendships were forged during this period.

We would like to make a special mention for Alan Pullin who was the original joiner.  Alan was a wonderful character with a beaming smile.  He built all of the substructure at the premises and also the frame for our stained glass window feature in the bar.  Whilst the bar was still under construction Alan sadly passed away 23rd May 2013 and is missed dearly.  We have mounted a plaque in celebration of his life underneath the stained glass.  We like to think Alan would have a smile for every glass raised in cheers at our bar.

Here is a video from the building phase 1st May to 18th July 2013 which give some idea of the size of the task we faced.

We opened doors on the 19th July 2013 as King Street’s first craft and artisan beer bar quickly establishing a strong reputation and following amongst locals and visitors for serving great beer and food in a relaxing and unique atmosphere.

Like any journey we have had our bumps along the way, but we are still here doing what we love to do and it still makes us extremely proud when we hear you guys say just how much you love our bar and all For the Love of Beer!