Time to investigate Chase – whose potato vodka we serve here at the Beer Emporium. Chase are a single estate farm and distillery in Herefordshire. It’s a prime location for rich farmland and its where they also grow cider apples for their Apple Vodka and Gin. Chase believe that this ability to keep a watchful eye on their potatoes and apples by having the distillery located on the farm, and the speed at which the distillation process can begin after harvesting, provides a quality that can be tasted in their products. We are inclined to agree.

William Chase, also founder of Tyrell’s Crisps, was inspired to make potato vodka in 2004. He stumbled upon a small distillery making potato vodka whilst in the USA searching for crisp packaging equipment.The first potato yield however wasn’t until 2008, and was incredibly small. Ever since, Chase has continued to be made in small batches so its provenance as a single-estate product can be upheld.

Chase  grow, mash, ferment, strip and distil their King Edward & Lady Claire potatoes, using traditional artisan methods. The result is a beautifully creamy and smooth, with notes of black pepper and liquorice. The vodka was honoured with a double gold medal as the Best Vodka in the World at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2010. Such a great achievement for a small scale, single-estate farm and distillery, and we are proud to serve it here at the Beer Emporium. Best served on the rocks!