Time for wine.

Let’s just take a break from beer for one moment, only for a moment, we’re swapping hops for grapes, with just a little introduction to some of my favourite wines at The Beer Emporium.

The is sun starting to show its long awaited face so why not spend the Easter weekend with a cool crisp bottle of The Fathoms New Zealand Sauvignion Blanc. 12.5%

On the palette you get a burst of crisp grapefruit and gooseberry. Boasting notes of citrus, green grass and elderflower, this refreshing sauvignion leaves a zesty dry finish. So relax on our new picnic benches, bathing in the afternoon of the spring sun, with The Fathoms.

Being a fan of red, I greatly enjoy the Aries Andios Malbec 13%.

This juicy Argentinean is deep violet in colour, the wine exudes smooth black fruit on the palate with warming hints of spice on the finish.  I find it full and smooth lingering warming finish. Delicious. I would match it with our braised beef brisket, fondant sweet potato and rainbow carrots,

Malbec has its roots set in Bordeaux but the Argentines took vine cuttings from France and brought them back to Argentina, primarily planting them in the wine region of Mendoza. In the hot high-altitude of the region, the Malbec vines thrived, exhibiting none of the weaknesses they had in France. This caused many winemakers to believe Malbec was a grape that had truly belonged in Argentina all along.

So enjoy the sun, sit outside and when the sun goes down venture down stairs into the cellar and get your warming glass of red, chilled keg or crisp cider.