Conceived whilst Head Chef, Lee, was slightly tipsy, and when you try them you know why. They are simply perfect beer food.

Around the outside are coarse, crunchy breadcrumbs. Then comes the soft pulled pork and in the middle, gooey smoked cheese. The gorgeous BBQ sauce, light and sweet but not sickly,  is the perfect dip.

You could try them with a crisp, bitter double IPA.  Supernatural (7%), by New Bristol Brewery, on keg now, certainly works. The tropical flavours match the sweet aspects of the dish, whilst the bitter finish cuts through the richness.  Or how about a robust porter? The Gloucester Brewery Dockside Dark (5.4%) has just come on to the keg stout line and its toasty malt backbone and subtle sweetness works well with the sweet and smokey flavours. The possibilities are endless, but one thing’s for sure, these goodies were made to be eaten with a beer on the side! If we no longer have these beers on when you come in, you can always ask us to come up with a good beer match. This is the case for any dish on our menu, or why not experiment with a few different halves or thirds with your dinner?

Pork balls are available as a starter (£6), and also come on the meat board, along with a pork rib roll, mini burger and potato and black pudding salad (£13.50).