A Kraken’ Rum!

Named after a giant octo-squid-like sea creature of the Caribbean, this bottle certainly stands out on the Beer Emporium back bar! The story goes, The Kraken was a sea monster that bought down ship carrying a shipment of black spiced rum. The rum was washed ashore and named Kraken as a sign of respect to the evil sea monster.

Kraken is fermented using natural yeasts and the naturally sweet molasses from the sugar cane grown on the Virgin Islands, before being aged in oak barrels for 12-14 months.  A ‘secret’ blend of spice is added, but we do know this includes cinnamon, ginger and clove. In body it is light and sweet, and the flavours of liquorice, black cherry and of course molasses come through, providing a slightly medicinal flavour. It has a lovely smooth finish for a rum of such alcohol content (47%). Try it on its own, with Cola, or Ginger Beer.