A few lovely gin cocktails at The Rummer Bar in St Nick‘s Market on Friday night got me thinking about gin. Here’s the low-down on the gin you’ll see on the back – bar here at the Beer Emporium.


A London dry gin. Tanqueray is distilled four times, and the botanicals juniper, coriander, angelica root and liquorice are added during the distillation process. It’s well-rounded with a juniper and citrus bite, making its flavour well apparent in a gin and tonic. This is our house gin, and is of an exceptional quality, especially considering its price – a G&T will set you back just £3.50.

Whitley Neill:

‘Inspired by Africa. Crafted in England’ is its tagline. Soft, smooth and spicy, with elegant juniper and citrus notes, this small-batch distilled gin has a long finish, with a fade of herbs, cocoa and candied lemon peel. Its complex flavour profile is thanks in part to its long list of botanicals, including Baobab fruit, Cape gooseberry, Coriander seed Lemon and orange peel, juniper and cassia bark. This superb gin makes a great G&T or can be enjoyed on its own. Still fantastic value at £4 for a G&T.

No 3 London Dry:

Our premium Gin. One to be fully appreciated without a mixer (although it also makes a mean G&T or dry martini). Distilled using 6 botanicals, it is bright and crisp on the nose, with a big hit of juniper, a zip of citrus and a touch of coriander on the palate. It has a lovely dry, earthy and slightly peppery finish thanks to the angelica root. Slightly pricier at £3.40 for a single measure or £4.60 for a G&T, but well worth treating yourself at 46% ABV.