‘Since 2007, Baarle, Belgium has a brewery again. This traditional craft has been transformed by a modern approach into a small, professional company.
The Daughter of the Ear of Corn ‘Provides a small-scale beer production in it’s region. The Daughter of the Earl of Corn ‘is Synonymous with the word “beer”. From old records it appears that Emperor Charles V around 1550 preferred the “juice of the daughter of the Ear of Corn ‘better than the” blood of grapes. “In otherwords, Charles preferred beer over wine.’

De Dochter  van de Korenaar  – Extase Double IPA  –8.5%
Full malt, fully hopped IPA. with a blend of european and American hops hoppy aroma with grapefruit button. Ditto with regard to taste: grapefruit (zest) hopped, pronounced bitter, with a creamy mouthfeel. Quite dry and very bitter aftertaste, but with a little sweet accent that makes for a pleasant resounding of.

De Dochter van de Korenaar – Noblesse –5.5%
A  warm, hazy gold. A firm and smooth malty palate has a slight herbal note, with bitter hops and citrus developing, offset by a gentle sugary touch. A creamy mouth-coating finish has herbal and flowery notes and a gentle bitterness, finishing dry, a testament to the Belgian brewing’s tentative rediscovery of the hop.

De Dochter van de korenaar –Belle- Fleur –6%
Dry hopped Hazy golden with a small white head. Aroma of citrus fruits, yeast, tropical fruits, caramel, light spices and plenty of hops. Flavour is moderate fruity sweetness, hoppy. Finish is dry, yeasty and hoppy bitterness. Remarkable balanced, wonderful marriage of Belgian fruity/spicy and IPA hopbitterness. A true favourite.