There are 10 Trappist breweries in the world.
6 in Belgium
2 in the Netherlands
1 in Austria
1 in the US
The Beer Emporium is proud to say that we serve 8 out of 10 brewery’s beers. New to our shelves are:

Zundert (Neatherlands).
The beer is brewed in Trappist Brewery De Kievit in Zundert. It is an amber beer with an alochol content of 8%.
The lapwing logo comes from the monastery’s beginnings: in the autumn of 1899, two monks left Tilburg for De Moeren in Zundert, where Bart Nouws, a tenant farmer on the little farm “De Kieviet” [The Lapwing], provided a place for them to stay temporarily Then the monastery construction quickly began.

Mont Des Cats- Abbaye Mont Des Cats
The French abbey of Sainte Marie du Mont des Cats has been selling Trappist beer since June 16, 2011. The Trappist beer sold by Mont des Cats is produced by the Chimay brewery and does not wear the “authentic trappist product” logo.

Stift Engelszell Trappistenbier-Brauerei from Austria.
The second offering from the world’s 8th Trappist brewery – Stift Engelszell, has arrived from Austria. The follow up to Gregorious, a Belgian strong dark ale, Benno, 6.9%, is a farmhouse ale. This hazy, slightly spicy, slightly funky brew features a touch of honey to sweeten the taste.