Bristol is a city that loves its beverages! This is reflective of the rest of the country; beer and coffee seem to have a connection in terms of the growth of craft, speciality, artisan and local produce in the last few years. Bristol seen a wealth of great beer bars (ah-hem!) and coffee shops open in the last year alone.

People who love their Beer, seem to love their coffee too and you often see craft beer fans and bartenders hanging out at speciality coffee shops during the day (maybe it’s all the late nights and beer from the night before!). This got me thinking about the coffee we serve – is it up to scratch? The answer is – yes! Of course it is! We don’t just pick the best beers for our bar, we have picked coffee that some of the best coffee shops in Bristol put in their grinders too.

Clifton Coffee started roasting in Bristol in 2013. Their coffee is ethically sourced and seasonal. At the moment, we’re using the Village blend, which has a full mouth-feel, with sweet toffee notes and hazelnut and dark chocolate flavours. With milk, you get fudge, with a malty finish (do these flavour notes sound familiar?!). We have all recently been trained with some key Barista skills and techniques to make sure we do justice to our fabulous coffee. So next time you’re in, why not give it a go?!